TV Star’s Breast Spills Out On Red Carpet (PHOTO)

Former Basketball Wives: LA Laura Goven got more than what she bargained for after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction which resulted to her breast embarrassingly spilling out on red carpet.

While posing for photos on the red carpet of Wedding Ringer premiere which held in Hollywood on Tuesday, Laura Govan who was dressed in a strapless black and gold attire suffered the wardrobe malfunction which exposed a major nip slip.

Unaware that her breast had completely popped out of her strapless attire, Laura Goven, the wife of former NBA star, Gilbert Arenas, continued to pose alongside her sister and even blew a kiss to the plethora of photographers at the event.

Laura Goven is famous for appearing on the first two seasons of VH1’s Basketball Wives: L.A. but was dropped from the show at the start of the third season.