Show Of Shame: Wife Accuses Top Lagos Pastor Of Sleeping With Church Members


Things have definitely fallen apart and the center can no longer hold, as the Church of God seem to have been desecrated by the leaders, thus the Founder and his beloved wife are fighting dirty in court over the case of gross infidelity. Read more from News247:

Pastor Amadi Ibeh and his wife have become frequent visitors to Grade A Customary Court Ojo in attempt to end their 7-year old marriage over the case of severe infidelity, battering, lack of respect, no more love and more.

According to the petitioner, Mrs. Gloria Ibeh, their marital problems escalated when she started noticing unusual closeness between her husband and some female members of the church.

“At first, I mistook their closeness for maybe follow up on deliverance or counselling.

Then I started hearing rumours of how he has been desecrating the house of God by having carnal knowledge of some of his prayer partners. I openly confronted him and he denied it vehemently,” she lamented.

After the first encounter trying to make her husband desist from his unholy shenanigans, it was a flop. Yet the speculation kept disturbing her and was at the verge of tearing the church apart.

Taking another bold step of courage, the self acclaimed prophetess asked her husband again about the ‘s*x in the church’ accusation but painfully she got the beatings of her life.

“I couldn’t condone it any more; it was becoming so glaring and disturbing. As a wife who cares about her husband and the welfare of the church, I asked him again if he has anything s*xual relationship with some women in the church, but he descended on me and hit me mercilessly. His beatings later became constant and our marriage began to fell apart,” she said.

Since all her efforts to make her husband turn a new leaf fell on deaf ears, Gloria resulted for a formal dissolution of the union to give way for peace and the separation of their ministry.