Rape on Joy FM’s Ghana Connect; Where do you stand on the law?

When the law on rape is changed and made gender sensitive, men will now have a defence and make women even more vulnerable.

That is the view shared so powerfully on Joy FM’s Ghana Connect by a female lawyer, Sedinam, who with every fibre of her being wants Ghana’s current law on rape to remain unchanged at least for now.

Section 98 of the Criminal Offences Act (Act 29/60) defines rape as ‘the carnal knowledge of a female of sixteen years or above without her consent.’ To prove carnal knowledge in any rape case requires the proof of the least degree of penetration.

Per this law men cannot be raped because women do not have the physiological make up to naturally penetrate men during such encounters.

With the recent high profile rape or should i say sex scandal involving ace broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darkwa; with the evolving trends  in sexual activities there has been a massive campaign for the law to be changed to, at least make the law on rape gender sensitive in Ghana.

But Sedinam is not the least amused by any such campaign. Women are  vulnerable and need to be protected. “It is still a man’s world,” she argued with passion.

And the sad story of a rape victim, Ama who  shared her harrowing experience on Ghana Connect, gave meaning, substance to the call by Sedinam to make men defenceless before the charge of rape.

Ama was raped at age 16 by a close relative who would later force her to abort. The abortion was done by a quack doctor who left her with a scar in her deepest soul.  Her womb was turned upside down.

Sex which crowns and emotionally binds a couple in marriage has become for Ama an ebola disease which she runs from every night. Her husband, Isaac who was also on the show, would not disclose how he got Ama pregnant but it sure would have been anything than a Romeo and Juliet affair in their nights of romance.

Even with a child, Ama’s disposition to men, to sex is acerbic all because one man, who she claims is a prominent man in society now, took carnal knowledge of her 16 years ago in a manner no man should. The scar remains with her forever.

Is Ama’s horrific experience not enough justification to keep Ghana’s law on rape a target only to men?

Sedinam thinks so and she said with a tinge of sarcasm that if women would go through this ordeal with their vaginas hiding deep between their thighs or a little below their abdomen then she wondered what men would do if God had a mistake to place the vagina on the forehead of the woman.

Whilst Sedinam may have a point on the vulnerability of women, Paul Kumi, another lawyer who was also on the show felt the law on rape was a bit archaic and needed some fine tuning to make it gender sensitive.

He was convinced that in the 21st century where anything now appears possible, except a cattle passing through the eye of the needle, men can be raped by women even if they are not penetrated.

 And if one thought his opinion was perhaps a blind defence of men, well, there were stories to that effect.

Several male callers who connected to Evans Mensah shared stories about how their bosses at work, unties at home, lady friends at the bar forced, blackmailed, cajoled and even drugged them and ‘raped’ them.

Sedinam wondered how a man, who doesn’t want to have sex, who is in fact forced to, at gun point, will still get an erection, potent enough to penetrate the woman.

But Dr Justice Yankson of the Ghana Medical Association who connected on phone said it was entirely possible for some men, under such circumstances to still have an erection to penetrate whilst being raped.

And when the case as to whether  the law on rape should be made gender sensitive  was put before the jury-listeners of Joy FM- their verdict was emphatic. The law should be changed!

Take a listen to Ghana Connect- the rape edition.

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