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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Mahama Rated ‘Grade C’ After First Two Years In Office

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Assessments of the performance of President John Dramani Mahama’s two years in office by Ghanaians have been mixed while some say he has performed abysmally poor, others believe he has done fairly well.

Indeed, it has been extremely tough for many Ghanaians, especially over the last one year, due to the country’s economic crunch that manifested in ways such as high inflation rate, free fall of the cedi and high interest rate.

Mentioned could also be made of the erratic power supply coupled with the incessant labour unrest in support of demands for better conditions of service; the failure of the President to crack the whip on non-performing ministers, his indecisiveness in ministerial appointments, as well as his inability to retrieve monies owed the State by some individuals and companies who have defrauded the nation, all weighed heavily against his performance.

Many are those who have described his feeble efforts at dealing with corruption as monumental failure. They readily cite instances such as Subah, SADA, GYEEDA and the Brazil World Cup debacle to buttress their claim. Indeed, corruption can be said to have festered immensely under the Mahama administration and the inability of the President to deal with the problem has created a feeling of despair among many Ghanaians.

Over a greater part of last year, majority of Ghanaians, perhaps with the exception of the ruling class, unceasingly complained about their worsening economic conditions. Ironically, in those trying circumstances, the Mahama-led National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration did not spare the citizenry the mantra of ‘Better Ghana’.

Public Agenda associates itself with those who see the economy as not in the best of shapes; hence scores the President an overall grade ‘C’, using a scale of A, B, C, D, E and F, with ‘A’ being excellent performance and ‘F’, representing extremely poor.

The complete erosion of gains made in the macro-economic sphere by the previous government remains a huge challenge for the Mahama government.

The paper yet acknowledges some of the positive actions the President t

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