I lost a house an Alhaji gave me because of rumours – Vicky Zugah

Entertainment of Friday, 9 January 2015

Source: omgGhana.com

Vicky Zugah 1

Ewe actress, Vicky Zugah was on eTV’s Late Night Celebrity show and she made some interesting revelations about how rumours have affected her and her career.

She made mention of how an Alhaji gave her a house and she lost it because of rumors flying around that she was sleeping with the Alhaji.

“There was this story that surfaced about a producer wanting to sleep with me before giving me a role and around that same time, Chocho Industry’s Alhaji gave me this commercial and gave me a house for shooting it and some people were going around saying I was sleeping with Alhaji Chocho. I think he got wind of the rumour about me sleeping with him and so he took the house away.

“That one got to me because Alhaji was nothing but a godfather to me and he did that to protect his image and brand,” she said.

She also revealed how it was reported that she was pregnant for a newscaster: “I remember a rumour about me being pregnant for Ignatius of Metro TV and that wasn’t true. Now I’m tired and I’ve grown a tough skin. When I read or hear these things, I try to forget about them and move on”.