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Early Year Fashion Discounts- the time to shop is now.

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The New Year brings new beginnings, new opportunities, new happiness, and new hope! For those who know the tricks to the trade, the New Year also comes along with new clothes at fantastic prices! Across the world, departmental and online stores alike engage in a New Year fashion clearance sale in January where the fanciest of clothing from trends of the previous year are let go at incredibly low prices so create space for the apparels that the New Year’s trends will bring.

So think about it, what better way is there to ring in the New Year than with a total revamp of your wardrobe during a New Year fashion clearance sale? In America, it is what can best be described as an example of the patient dog getting the biggest bone, it is fast becoming an emerging trend for individuals to skip the whirlwind Christmas shopping in a bid to save up for the Fashion Clearance sales which comes at the turn of the year! Statistics have shown that this has seen a rise in the percentage of take home pay being spent on clothing in January by the Americans, from 10% to a whopping 30%.

Many retailers all around the globe know the thrill of a good sale and are offering some of the best deals in the first month of this year. Amazon is offering up to a whopping 50% on all fashion items, even top fashion brands are not left out, Zara is also offering exciting discounts of up to 70% on eye-popping tote bags. Other stores and retailers around the world are not left out as they continue to offer mouth-watering discounts to shoppers this season in order to get a head start on the rest of the year.

In Japan, the January shopping season which sees widespread Fashion clearance sales is known as hatsu-uri (first retail business of the New Year) and it sees retails store packed to the rafters with customers bustling to get their hands on clothing items sold at prices which are often better than half price! It certainly must be soothing bagging bargains while soaking in the New Year atmosphere as this shopping principle has more or less become a January Japanese culture.

For many who have been confused on the best way you could spend the extra bucks you had gotten from your end of year salary, this seems to be your most prudent option. Those who follow fashion ardently and religiously know that this is the best period to fork out the better part of their annual clothing budget to secure the best brands at the best prices. It will be highly regrettable to miss this. Take advantage of sales by various retailers around you, and you can be sure of having an elegant or dapper year ahead!

Through the grapevine learn Jumia will be holding a Fashion Clearance Sale on the 19th of January where over one million clothing items across all fashion categories will be sold at highly discounted prices of up to 80% off! Let’s see what the shopping season holds for Nigerians.

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