Churches frown on KODA’S “Nsem Pii” song

Music of Friday, 9 January 2015



The issue of churches towing a direction that is not Godly will forever linger on the minds of Christians both in and outside Ghana and that is the reason why a Ghanaian gospel gem by name Kofi Owusu Dua Anto aka KODA released his hit song titled “Nsem Pii” to address them.

KODA who has distinct himself with exclusive releases like Guide me o Jehova, Nkwa Abodoo etc says he will never look back because he feels what he is doing at the moment is what God meant for him hence will never follow the masses.

Information going round suggests that the “Nsem Pii” hit maker has incurred the wrath of some churches (Names withheld) in Ghana and for that matter they have banned the song “Nsem Pii” with the only reason being that, the song is not fit to be played or performed in church.

In a telephone interview with the Takoradi based musician KODA, he explained to the reporter that he expected this reaction because the issues addressed in the song is practical. “I even said in the song that this song will not be loved by all” he reiterated.

When asked what inspired him he responded, “I was reading the Acts of the Apostles from verse 1 to 4 and realized some churches are veering off their Godly activities. As for the song, it is a great song and he who has ears should listen and listen carefully before judging,” the gospel musician advised.

Watch a live performance of KODA’s “Nsem Pii” song below.