13 things men do in bed that women love

Sex is one of the most satisfying experiences, especially when you know how to wow your partner with toe-curling, bed-gripping moves.

Want to know the ultimate ways to turn your partner on?

Look no further, guys… here’s the hottest things you do in bed that drive us wild.

1. Make noise

There’s something liberating and primal about hearing your partner letting out moans, growls, pants, and even screams during sex.

It feels animalistic and raw, which makes makes us feel like a sex goddess, and super awesome that we can give you pleasure like that.

2. That gotta-have-you-right-now urgency

There’s nothing hotter than that knowing glance you and your partner give each other right before you rip each others’ clothes off.

Tell us with your eyes that you’re already undressing us in your mind.

Show us that you have to have us, right now, right here.

3. Build the excitement and anticipation

Once we’re hot and heavy, allow the excitement and anticipation to grow.

A great way to do this is to trace our bodies, concentrating on each part, as you slowly move from our collar bone, to our breasts, to our panty line, and then finally below the belt.

Getting every inch of us excited will put our sensation into overdrive, and get us begging for more.

4. Confidence

Even if you’re not very experienced, you can exude enough confidence in the bedroom to seem like a pro.

Give a wide smile not a nervous grim.

Feel assured and powerful with your movements, rather than testing and shy.

5. Don’t forget about our bodies

There’s many more places to touch than our vaginas, ass, and breasts.

Caress our curves, kiss our collarbone or neck, or play with our hair.

It makes us feel like our entire body is being enjoyed, rather than just what’s going on below the belt.

6. Lift us up

Put those muscles you’ve been working at the gym to good use.

7. Compliment us

We might not have the hottest ass you’ve ever seen, but you better tell us it is.

Encouragement can help us release our inner sex kitten. We’ll always enjoy hearing it.

Source: Metro UK