New Aircraft For Starbow In February

A Starbow aircraft
Domestic Airline Starbow will from next month increase its flights to destinations across the country.

This is because the airline is adding two new aircraft to its fleet to enable it extend its operations to destinations where it could not fly to.

Speaking to Joy Business , Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Starbow Eric Antwi said customers should expect improved services from the airline.

‘These new aircraft we’re bringing are new generation aircraft with a better fuel consumption. It will enable us operate in Kumasi for instance twice or thrice in a day, into Kumasi and Takoradi and we can offer more flights which are more comfortable and even faster now,’ he said.

He said flights to other cities in the country will be boosted tremendously.

‘The aircraft that we have previously – the bigger ones we were not getting the numbers and there was high fuel consumption which was not good for our operation so we were going to Takoradi twice and in Tamale once, but now Tamale we’ll be doing about three flights into Tamale and about four or five flights into Kumasi. We’ll be going to Sunyani, sometimes Accra – Kumasi – Tamale – Accra, Accra – Kumasi – Sunyani or Accra – Sunyani and back,’ he said.

Asked whether Starbow could operate in Sunyani since its aircraft are too big for the airport there, Mr. Antwi said the new generation aircraft will be able to land everywhere, Tamale, Kumasi, Sunyani, saying it can land in any of the stations.

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