My Wife Demands Money From Me Before s*x, Man Speaks Out

Observers at Igando customary court in Lagos were stunned when a retired civil servant, Mr Chibuzo Obiedefu, on Thursday made a shocking revelation about his wife.


My wife always demands money from me before allowing me to have s ex with her, so says Mr Obiedefu speaking in front of the judge.

Obiedefu, 50, told the court that his wife, Philomena, whom he married seven years ago, was denying him of s*x.

“My wife is always starving me of s ex and if she will allow me, she will ask me to pay for it and if I refused to give her money and wanted to sleep with her by force, she would hit me with any dangerous weapons she could lay her hands on,” he said.

The petitioner accused his wife of perfidy and alleged that she was dating a policeman in their area.

“Philomena is cheating on me; she is having an affair with a policeman and whenever I cautioned her, she will flare up,’’Obiedefu said.

The plaintiff said his wife had created hatred between him and his children.

“My wife is telling my children not to come close to me because I am a bad man.

“My children now distance themselves from me and I am now like a stranger to them,’’ the 50-year-old man said.

He pleaded with the court to dissolve his seven-year-old marriage because he was tired of the relationship and he was no longer in love.

Responding, the 40-year-old businesswoman denied all the allegations.

“My husband has s ex with me anytime he feels like; and I only demanded for feeding money from him,’’ Philomena said.

The respondent claimed that she was not dating the policeman.

“The policeman is only a friend, no strings attached,” the mother of four said.

She urged the court not to grant her husband’s plea because she was still in love.

The judge, Mr Rufus Adeyeri, adjourned the case till Jan. 21 for judgment.