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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Muslim leader calls for dissolution of political groupings in Ghana’s educational institutions

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Leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana, Alhaji Maulvi Muhammed Bin Salih is calling for the dissolution of all political youth wings in the country’s educational institutions as a measure of fighting indiscipline in the country.

He says such groups are most often the breeding place for political indiscipline in the country.

Speaking on the theme “Discipline, a tool for national development,” as part of the 83rd Annual National Convention of the Ahmadiyya Mission at Pomadze in the Central Region, the Muslim leader was incensed by what he said is the level of insults by political agents especially on radio.

He said the penchant of young political agents to wash down self respecting citizens is alien to the culture of the Ghanaian.

Alhaji Bin Salih was quick to link such “reprehensible attitude” to the kind of training these individuals had during their days as members of political youth groups like TEIN, TESCON, and TESCHART.

Even more crucial, he insisted, is the need to do away with what he called the politically motivated mercenary groupings like the AZORKA boys of the NDC and the Bamba boys of the NPP.

He said the country needs to learn lessons from such unconstitutional groupings, adding, these groups can turn out worse than they already are.

He said if such groups are allowed to fester they are likely to turn their venom on the same people who created them.

Touching on other forms of indiscipline in the country, the Muslim leader said the causes of indiscipline in the country are “greed and selfishness.”

“Why should Ghana be cited for indiscipline with [when it has] some of the best brains and morally upright persons,” he questioned.

Alhaji Bin Salih stated the country must have “positive thinkers and progressive planners” and live “as though our life span is in 2015.

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