Ethiopia Builds 3 New Airports At $64.5m

An artist impression of a state-of-the-art airport 

Ethiopia is building three new airports at a total cost of $64.5 million.

According to , three projects have taken off, as contracts have been signed.

The cost of the three airports is far lower than the $100 million quoted by the Government of Ghana for expansion work at the Tamale Airport and also the $28 million allegedly spent on fixing the runway and aeronautical lights at the Kumasi Airport last year.

There are concerns that the projects in Ghana were over priced since they basically involved the extension of the runways and parking lots.

The Ethiopian Airports Enterprise (EAE), according to the report, was constructing the three new airports.

Contracts of agreement were signed in December between EAE, Yotek Construction, Akir Construction and the Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation for the construction of the airports at Hawassa, Robe Goba and Shire.

Civil works for the project have started with the construction of runways in the first phase of the project. The construction of the terminals of Hawassa and Robe Goba were set to begin before the end of 2014, and Shire’s terminal was billed to be constructed from 2015. The projects will take a period of two and a half years to complete.

YOTEK has been charged with the construction of the Hawassa Airport at a cost of $23 million while the Robe Goba Airport is being constructed by Akir Construction at a cost of $25 million. The Shire Airport is being constructed by Ethiopian Road Construction Corporation at a cost of $21 million.

The three airports will contribute significantly to the economy of the regions since they are well known for tourism and business.

Though the sizes of the airports were not made known, the development raises eyebrows as some administrations betray the trust of the citizenry during their tenure of office.

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