5 Subtle Steps To Make Him Fall In Love With Just One Look

article-20141030012012843288000Imagine a scenario- the guy of your dreams walks into the room full of people, consisting of you too. You have already fallen for him, but he is not much aware of your existence and probably never will be unless you act accordingly. He is scanning the room and soon his eyes will casually make contact with yours. One chance is all that you have to capture his attention. And, luckily one look is all you need to make him fall head over heels in love with you… provided you know how to “look”?
Science, discipline, spontaneity and luck- you will need them all in order to succeed in your endeavour and the most important element in all this will be your timing. Besides your eyes, the other two factors waiting with a key to his heart are your laughter and your overall look. So, here are the five steps to get him going crazy for you!

Step #1. Capture his eyes

Capture his eyes and make them prisoner behind the beating walls of your heart the moment they meet with yours. Don’t shy away or he will fail to see the connection.

P.S.: If you give in to your reflexes and look away immediately as he looks towards you it might send a negative vibe and he might lose interest.
Success Tip: Maintain steady contact for at least 4 seconds with a faint smile smacked on to your lips. Choose your lipstick and eye makeup shades well. They should suit your look, your outfit and your complexion.

Step #2. Temporary withdrawal

Once you have got his attention and maintained steady eye contact for at least a few seconds, it is now time to look down but not away. Look down for a few micro-seconds, but not away.
Success Tip: Looking down suggests that you are interested and are feeling shy; whereas looking away simply dismisses the temporary fixation as a passing gaze.
P.S.: If you look up and he is still looking at you, you have some serious hopes.
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Step #3. Bring in the weapons

If he still has not approached you or is busy somewhere else, then don’t go on gazing at him straight for an hour. This will just be creepy and will freak him out. Instead let him know that you are interested by looking at him from time to time. And, now most importantly, bring in the weapon.

Success Tip: In the meanwhile play with your hair, flicker your eyelids, change posture and linger your gaze on his lips for a second or two. These are some serious flirting body language signals that he will surely catch on.
P.S.: Even when you are engaged with someone else in a conversation, temporary slide away your eyes at the completion of each sentence. This will let him know that you are more interested in him than the person you are conversing with.

Step #4. Reverse the roles

Yes, now that you have his attention on you, here is a trick to make sure that he has taken the bait. Stop staring for a couple of minutes, and now wait for him to stare at you.
P.S.: The guy will certainly be wondering why you are not looking towards them anymore, and this will create an atmosphere of mystery for him.
This trick will not only build up his excitement, but also make sure that he is interested in you.
Success Tip: From the corner of your eyes, look at him slyly, but not directly. If you catch him looking towards you for at least a few minutes, then he is definitely hooked.

Step #5. Widened pupils

Widened pupils suggest love and excitement and sure enough to catch attention. Yes, this is something that a well-quoted research has found out.
Success Tip: Widened pupils will enhance your appeal towards the other person and tinkle his love emotions.
Also, our pupils tend to widen when we see something we like. So, your pupils will be naturally enlarged if you are interested, but if nervousness is affecting your eyes, give in a little effort.