10 Cute Ways To Propose To Your Girlfriend

Why-You-Shouldnt-Envy-Other-Couples-635x400Getting the wedding proposal is probably the dream of every girl in the world. It is up to you now, how you can make it special and memorable for her. Propose to her in a fun and creative way, which will always be remembered and cherished by her. Propose to her in a manner she wouldn’t ever be able to say NO to. Proposing your girlfriend requires some careful thought, and would probably require help from some of her friends as well as your friends. Your proposal should be romantic and sweet but shouldn’t be cheeky and cheap at the same time. Give some time into the planning of the proposal, getting the perfect wedding ring. Here, we give you some ideas on how you could propose your girlfriend for the ultimate bond of marriage! Propose her with a song Sing her favorite song, with proper preparation. You can also invite your friends who can strum some instruments for you to go alone with your song. Just as she enters the room, start singing with the melody of guitar in the background and as the lights go brighter, kneel down and pop the question to her! Take her to a fancy restaurant If you want to have a classy proposal, take her to a fancy restaurant and propose to her with your ring hidden in the glass of drink or in the pie that she ordered. Propose to her on a beach This can be quite romantic. You can set up the ambience at the beach by arranging for some romantic music and ask your friends to shoot the entire proposal with their phones or cameras. Propose to her amid the waves and simmering moonlight, it would be very difficult for her to say no to. Recreate your first date together Recreate your original first date with her, and pop the question at the end of the night. Make sure you go down the memory lane while spending time with her. Have a small speech prepared that would make her eyes gloomy and smile wide. Dedicate a song to her and propose her via Radio Pull some strings and give a dedication to her via a radio station. Take her for a drive in your car and switch on the Radio. Let her listen to the message on the radio for her and see the expression she has while she hears yours message. Propose to her at her birthday party Make her birthday party more special by proposing her amid her friends and entire family tree. This will make her feel special and will consent everyone’s wishes for the same. Propose her amid nature If she is a nature lover, take her amid the lush green nature and propose to her amid the beautiful skyline, mountains or riverside! Pop the question to her while taking a walk Take a walk with her in the middle of the night, with no crowd or traffic around. Out of nowhere, kneel down and pop the question to her. This is quite surprising and an impromptu proposal which will definitely take her by surprise. Invite her friends and let them hold the banner of proposal Invite her friends over and decorate the place, or a party hall with balloons and flowers. Get some drinks and cake ready. Let her friends each hold a word of your proposal message to her. And you must appear with your ring while kneeling down to her. She would be ecstatic. Give her a flowery proposal If she loves flowers, make sure she gets tones of different kinds of roses, olives or whichever flower she likes. With every bouquet attach a message that means a lot to you. And with the final huge bouquet, say those three words that will make her blush!

source: likelovequotes.com