Rejoinder: Well Always Vote For NDC—Konor Of Manya Krobo

The Manya Krobo Traditional Council has taken judicious notice of the content of stories running in the media, reporting Nene Sakite II, Konor of the Manya Krobo Traditional areas having pledged the continuous support of the people of Manya Krobo for the ruling government of the National Democratic Congress.

Nene was delivering his welcome address at the commissioning of an extension work by the President, John Dramani Mahama at the Kpong Water Works in the Eastern Region on Tuesday December 23, 2014.

The thrust and intent of Nene’s statement was that the people of Manya Krobo do vote for the NDC, he was therefore questioninghow come a lot of the needs of the people of Manya Krobo have still not been met. This was the spirit in which the statement was made.

While apologizing for the anguish that may have been caused a section of the public as a result of the misrepresentation of facts by the media, it is appropriate that we set the record straight, putting side by side the words of the Konor and what was reported in the media.

It is worth noting that while the Konor made an observation of the fact that “We vote for you all the time,…” (i.e the people of Manya Krobo in the past five general elections have indeed selected an NDC candidate)what has been reported by sections of the media that “We WILL ALWAYS vote for NDC” is a mischievous and a totally inaccurate representation of what the Konor said or intended. The introduction of two new words- WILL and ALWAYS- by the reporters completely gave a different meaning to what the Konor said in his statement. The observation by the Konor that his people have voted in the past for the NDC is not to say that they will vote for the NDC in the future, which is the unfortunate deduction the reporters seek to make.

In the opening paragraphs of some of the stories in the media, some media houses gave a deliberate twist to the statement and alledged Nene as saying “His people WILL FOREVER vote for the governing National Democratic Congress”. This is patently false. Nowhere in Nene’s speech did he say that his people will FOREVER vote for the NDC.

It is clear that the two statements “We vote for you all the time” and “We WILL ALWAYS vote for you”, are markedly different in meaning. It is unfortunate that anybody could misconstrue the two to mean the same thing, thus leading to the present misunderstanding.

The Konor and the Traditional Council acknowledge the fact that the population of the area is diverse- and election results bare testimony. The people have an unfettered right to freely choose who they want as leaders and this, the Konor and the Council stand to defend. We also want to emphasize that both the Konor and the Council respect the individual will of the people and will grant it as per their political affiliations.

If for any reason the import of the statement varied from the understanding of a section of the public, given the different meanings to the words, and for which reason may have been anguished, the Council regrets it and hopes that this clarification will put the issue to rest.


Zizingmozingmo Asada Ahor I

Akuse Matse and Public Relations Officer

Manya Krobo Traditional Council


Tel: 0208 242 031

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