Parents Advised To Stop Wasting Monies On Funerals

Parents have been admonished to avoid wasting huge sum of money on funeral clothes and others and rather save the money for their wards upbringing. It is obvious that, the huge sums of money that went into the purchase of coffins, shrouds, funeral parties’ photography, mortuary fees, and among others are to the detriment of the education and wellbeing of children.

The Minister for Lands and Natural Resources Hon. Nii Osah Mills gave the advice in an interview Modern Ghana when Child Research and Resource Center [CRRECENT] was celebrating its10th Anniversary in Accra.

The Hon Minister, who is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CRRECENT, noted that the failure of parents/guardians to have an ample time for their wards and also attend to their needs is a major contributing factor that lured children to engage in immoral and criminal activities.

This he said, made them to flout the laws and as a result ending up in jails and correctional centers. He has therefore commended CRRECENT for their ten years of existence, since they have contributed to addressing a variety of child protection issues, key among these being the re- integration of juveniles into society.

Professor Kennedy Agyemang Attafuah, in his presentation also entreated parents/guardians to endeavour to inculcate values such as discipline, honesty in their wards so that it would become part of them since such values makes a family strong.

The Executive Director of Child Research and Resource Center [CRRECENT] Mrs. Susan Sabaa, explained that CRRECENT, is a civil society institution that focuses on evidence- based programmes to promote child and youth rights and development as a direct function of national development.

This she said, CRRECENT considers itself as having contributed its quota to protection of children and youth by working within the framework of Ghana’s legislative and policy frameworks. According to her, CRRECENT has also addressed gaps in Juvenile Justice Administration in the country through a structured re-integration programme for discharged juveniles from correctional centres with a track record of high success rate of stability and low recidivism in the past 4 years.

According to her having recognized the absence of good and strong parenting as a major cause of juvenile delinquency, her outfit has deem it expedient to embark on parenting campaign in 2015 as a tool for addressing the canker of juvenile offences which is eating away the social fabric the nation. She has there called on the government and stakeholders to come to the aid CRRECENT in order to achieve its desired goals.

She also seized the opportunity to launch CRRECENT’S flagship project. According to her the project entails a construction of a half-way shelter for effective management and mainstreaming of discharged offenders into normal social circles.

This she said, when completed it will provide a temporary home for the discharged offenders before entering into the mainstream social circles; such as employment, skills training, counseling and grooming opportunities.

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