Night flights to Kumasi possible by end of January

Local airline operators in the country would be commencing night flights to Kumasi by the end of this month.

This follows the installation of airfield lights on the runway last year.

Speaking with Joy Business, Chief Operations Officer of Africa World Airlines, Apiigy Afenu, said all is set for them to start night operations.

“We’ll start night operations to Kumasi on the 23 of January. We’ll be having two flights, one at 6:30pm and the other at 8:30pm. Tickets will be on sale this weekend and customers will not see any difference whether they fly during the day or in the night,” Mr Afenu said.

The airline also expects high patronage as it expects high night traffic over time.

“Now we can go into Kumasi and land smoothly because of the improvement in the systems there. The runway was costing us a lot, our tires, etc but now it’s quite safe and it’s been extended too. The lights are a big bonus for us because if we go there in the evening, we can leave after 6pm and also if there should be any problem during take-off from Kumasi, we can always go back to Kumasi because it has airfield lights. We know that for the last flight a lot of people go to Kumasi and they rush to leave Accra for Kumasi because of the time we leave.”

“This time around if people decide to go much later, they can and we believe more people will come in, in addition to the passengers coming from overseas. We’re going to start somewhere in the middle of January and I expect that February onwards the response should be good,” he said.

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