Ghanaian Actor ‘Arrested’ At Heathrow …Was Just A Scene From A Movie

It seems there is no truth in grapevine information and developing news that suggest that Ghanaian actor and movie producer Samuel Ofori has been arrested at the infamous Heathrow Airport over a narcotics case.

Although news had already circulated in the Ashanti Region of Ghana during the KAFF Awards that the “Ebola” producer and had been arrested, the actor in an exclusive interview with Nydjlive denied the news and stated he was shocked this information could be discussed by industry people at such an event.

Speaking to NY DJ of Y102.5FM, he explained the alleged arrest was only an act from a scene from a movie he’s currently shooting in the UK.

“I’m currently in the UK shooting a movie on narcotics and had to use the Heathrow Airport… I have not been arrested for narcotics or whatever is being discussed in Ghana …. I’m however not really surprised since a lot of Ghanaians fly in through the Heathrow Airport and might have misinterpreted the act as a real arrest”.

According to the actor, the news of his arrest has kept his phone buzzing especially from family and church members who knew he was in the UK.