Mr. Ray Snowden - CEO

Mr. Ray Snowden – CEO

Tension is mounting at RedSea Maritime Services Limited (RSMS), a shorehandling company at the Port of Tema, due to the actions of the one-man fiefdom that is running RSMS. The CEO of RSMS Mr. Ray Snowden, is creating tension and confusion at the Port of Tema due to a very abrasive style of management which has got the Unions up in arms. This volatile situation is bound to disrupt services at the Port of Tema, if the authorities do not intervene or take action immediately.

Mr. Snowden, an Accountant by profession is flagrantly abusing the rights of employees which is creating unrest at the Port of Tema. It is also alleged that he is involved in receiving massive kickbacks from companies supplying services to RSMS and enriching himself at the expense of dock workers who are paid a meagre and paltry salary.

In recent developments the Unions have appealed to the Ghana Ports and Harbour Authority (GPHA) to either abrogate the shore handling and logistics licence given to RSMS or to remove Mr. Ray Snowden as the CEO of RSMS to bring peace, tranquillity, respect and restoration of workers’ rights at the Port of Tema.

His indiscriminate and high handed treatment of employees has become a serious cause for concern regarding the management and handling of shore logistics at the port of Tema. This modus operandi countermands the values of RSMS that is published on their website and also negates the good governance that would be expected of a local Ghanaian company that was given the opportunity to partake in shore port logistics business to satisfy local content agitations by sections of the community.

His poor leadership is having a negative impact on employees and even damaging the company’s reputation by creating a negative atmosphere causing fear, low employee morale, reduction in efficiency, high employee turnover and employee agitations.

Redsea Maritime Services Limited (RSMS) is a GPHA-licensed shorehandling company with operations covering the provision of receipt and delivery services in conventional general cargo in the Port of Tema-Ghana. Incorporated under the Companies Act 1963, it was established on 17th April, 2010. The head office is located in Tema Community 6, with a branch in the Port of Tema and a spacious Off-Dock yard on the meridian road for the holding and delivery of earthmoving and heavy duty equipment.

The actions of Mr. Snowden, a British national, is shocking given his previous experiences with the following dissolved companies in the UK: Crown International Realtors Limited, Phoenix Development & Trading Ltd, Crown International Realtors Ltd, 56 Aslett Street Limited, RSP Global Management Limited, Westraven Finance (Uk) Limited, A-Brazil Ltd and his management experiences at Schlumberger.

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