Jailed Nayele challenged to reveal powerful connections behind drug trade

Convicted drug dealer Nayele Ametefe has been challenged to reveal the identities of powerful politicians she claimed are linked to the trade of the illegal substance, cocaine after she was sentenced to eight years imprisonment today.

First Vice-Chairman of the NPP, Freddie Blay has asked that Nayele should go ahead and “name them. Let’s know those who are dealing in cocaine, for this country to have its purity so that people can respect us so that VVIP platforms are not used for trading in drugs.”

The Ghanaian/Austrian pleaded guilty to carrying 12 kilos of cocaine to the United Kingdom has been sentenced to eight years, eight months’ imprisonment after pleading guilty to the charge.

Nayele Ametefe triggered another round of politicization of the drug trade after she alleged that she was protected by powerful politicians in 2004 when NPP was in power.

Refusing to mention names, Nayele said she wants to protect the lives of her three children aged 16, 13 and 11 years.

But Freddie Blay is rejecting this claim.
“I am pooh-poohing it. It is a convenient way of hiding it”. He maintains this excuse is “not fair” because “it puts politicians in a very bad light.”

Supporting Freddie Blay’s call, Security Analyst Dr Kwesi Annin dressed down Nayele as a “deliberate manipulative trickster” who will use anybody including her mother to “garner sympathy”.

He maintains that Nayele’s three children are a “tiny cog in the wheels” of Ghana’s fight against illicit drug trade.

Charging on Joy FM’s Top Story, Dr. Annin accused Nayele of trying “to destroy other people’s children so that her children can have a good life”.

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