I’ll Work On My Dress Style In 2015 – Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is one movie star that has severally been highly criticised by some of her fans for her dress style, which they describe as unbefitting of a superstar like her.

But in her New Year message to her fans, the Kogi State-born wife of Edo State-born Odi Okojie may have promised to make amends in 2015.

The actress admitted that she has received several complaints over the issue, but stressed that she is “just a down-to-earth-girl-next-door,” promising to “improve.”

Her message reads,

“One of the best feelings one can have is the feeling that some people who have never met you in person have your back.

“I have experienced love from unimaginable people; Ghana, Liberia, Paris, UK, USA, Seychelles and all over the world.

“Some met me crying, gave me gifts, took pictures, asked questions, and some, not so pleasant. But in all of these, I have no complaint because being where I am is a gift and privilege by God. A privilege and a place I never thought I would be, a few years ago.

“This level has its own attendant consequence, as I take in the blessing; I appreciate the not-so-pleasant side as well. For this, I am grateful to God, my fans, and stakeholders in the industry who love me just the way I am.

“I want to also say a very big thank you to my husband for giving me room to fly. Some men out there would probably have clipped my wings but Odi is not some kind of man. I want to say thank you for being so supportive and understanding.

“I want to take this time to say thank you to everyone who made the journey of 2014 easier despite the attendant challenges.

“I am grateful to the marketers and my colleagues who stayed in touch with me even when I was pregnant, directors who were patient with me, fans who watched all the movies of 2014, those who took time out to search for me on Google, who corrected me in love and those who watched ‘30 Days in Atlanta’ (to make it biggest Nollywood movie in cinema history).

“I am also grateful to everyone who showed me one form of love or the other during the birth of our second son, Prince Henry: Nigerian Emabssy in the US, social media followers and my ever diligent media and management company, Bigsam Media.

“I plan and hope that 2015 will be different from previous years. The jobs I will do will be slightly different from that of the past. I will take up more challenges. I will also have to balance things out because I still have to play the role of a wife and mother, but all in all, there should be a new Mercy Johnson of sort.

“As per the style, I have received all your complaints and I will try and improve but please, do not forget I am just a down-to-earth-girl-next-door. Thank you.

“And please, AMVCA is around the corner, let’s win again together this year, on how to vote, check @bigsammedia on Twitter.

“As always I am grateful. I wish you the best this year has to offer. Happy New Year.”