Comment: New Year’s Resolution; how important is that?

Feature Article of Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Columnist: Bernice Owusuwaa | GhanaWeb

New Year Resolution

On the 31st December every year, most people sit back, recollect and put together all the goals they planned to achieve for that year; they evaluate these objectives, looking at what they achieved and where they could not.

At the beginning of every new year, no matter the loss or gains from the previous year, high-spirited people still set targets and prepare the new year’s resolution for themselves, aiming to achieve a set goal(s) before the year ends.

Now a days, some popular vows or promises of people on the list of their resolutions is to improve on finances, education, settle down, spend quality time with family members, relationship with God, career and to be more independent among others.

Interestingly, these resolutions are sometimes left abandoned or unattended to within a few months into the new year. But there are some others who are least enthused about the idea of setting goals for themselves in a New Year.

Not many of us can, especially, adhere to the resolutions set; but why do we always continue to set resolutions every New Year? Is it important to set resolutions for the New Year?

A resolution is just like a driver on a journey with passengers; both the driver and passengers have their own destinations to reach, but the driver no matter the port holes, rough road and sometimes bad weather, will do his best to reach the destination he is going to, and that of the passengers

A person without targeted goals in life for every year, month or quarterly, can be described as a blind man driving a car; he has no idea when/where to stop or to move on.

Resolutions are very important because it serves as a directory in a person’s life; informing you whether you are drifting away from your goals or by motivating you to keep on doing your best if you are going by the rules set for yourself.

Remember, as Alan Lakein said, “Failing to plan is planning to fail“.

So what are your resolutions for the year 2015?