Amoateng causes stir in Nkoranza

General News of Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Source: Daily Guide

Eric Amoateng

An eighty-year-old woman from the Amoma Royal Family, Obaapanin Yaa Ameyaa, has invoked “Toom Kramo”, a dreadful deity at Nkoranza in the Brong Ahafo Region, to deal with the queen mother of Amoma, Nana Yaa Fosaa, for attempting to hand over the Amoma stool to Eric Amoateng.

Sources close to DAILY GUIDE said Obaapanin Ameyaa walked to the palace of the queen mother, accompanied by some family members, and invoked the curse on the queen mother, threatening to strip naked before the people of Amoma to register her displeasure.

She said Amoateng was not the only male royal in the family and that there were equally well-qualified male royals who could occupy the stool instead of an ex-convict.

In an interview with Obaapanin Ameyaa, she told DAILY GUIDE that she had nothing against Mr Amoateng, but the fact that he had brought the name of Amoma and the stool into disrepute by engaging in illegal drugs.

She said the Amoma stool is the most sacred stool apart from the Nkronzamanhene’s Great Baffoe Stool, and that it would be a dishonour to the people of Amoma if Amoateng was allowed to occupy such a great stool.

When DAILY GUIDE wanted to know why she cursed the queen mother, Obaapanin Ameyaa said in the tradition of Amoma it is only such a curse that can force the queen mother to abandon her plans and do the right thing.

According to her, if she wrongly cursed the queen mother, the deity will punish her, but if she rightfully did so, the queen mother will bear the wrath of the deity.

It will be recalled that some time ago three members of the Amoma Royal Family petitioned the Omanhene of Nkoranza Traditional Area, Okatakyie Agyemang Kodom IV.

A letter signed by the three royal members and addressed to the Omanhene of Nkoranza Traditional Area, with copies to all divisional chiefs of Nkoranza Traditional Area, indicated that Mr Amoateng, without regard for tradition, came to the town and performed certain rituals at the stool house.

The petitioners said since his arrival after serving his sentence in the US, Mr Amoateng has never met with any of the elders of Amoma.

They said he only came to town to perform the rituals, claiming that he had been asked by the Nkoranzahene to go back and perform his duties as the chief of Amoma.

The leader of the petitioners, who happens to be the brother of Amoateng, Opanin P.K. Kodom, told DAILY GUIDE that they did not believe Mr Amoateng when he said it was the Nkoranzahene who gave him authority to go for the stool because the Nkoranzahene, who has been on his throne for nearly 30 years, knows very well that tradition and the Constitution of Ghana frown on any ex-convict occupying a stool or entering Parliament. He said the Amoma stool is so sacred that they will never allow anyone to bring the name of the stool into disrepute.

In a related issue, the queen mother of Amoma has summoned Obaapanin Ameyaa to the Nkoranza Traditional Council for cursing her with the Toom Kramo deity. The case is scheduled for hearing on 13th January, 2015.