2 Types Of Men Who Do Not Pursue Women And Why They Don’t

breakup-like-a-man-660x400Recently, I read a statement that was written with the intention of giving an explanation as to why men don’t pursue women today. Here was the explanation. “Men don’t pursue women because they don’t have to.” At one time or another, you may have said this yourself or at least heard this expressed by someone else. If you take just a cursory look at this assertion, it sounds plausible.

But, let’s look a little deeper.

This statement is true, but also false. Let me explain before I am cited for presenting a logical fallacy. It’s true of some men while not true of others. However, that does nothing to provide a reason why men don’t pursue women. To say that, “Men don’t pursue women because they don’t have to” only speaks to the actions of women and not the non-action of those men in question. What type of man does not pursue a woman? What does that man look like? I can think of two. I’m sure there are more types and more reasons, but these two are significant to avoid.

“Men don’t pursue women because they don’t have to.”

Unauthentic Men

Unauthentic men I will describe as ‘males’ that have not been taught nor have learned the inherent value of women, in general, beyond any use to satisfy their own natural desires. These types view women as a means to an end. As far as they’re concerned, a woman has just as much right to pursue them as any man has to pursue a woman of interest. These are the same types that suggest that it is okay to hit/beat a woman provided she strikes first. They misunderstand the purpose and call of manhood that requires each man to live by certain principles and standards. Not knowing his own purpose, a man will misuse/abuse a woman as a consequence of his own ignorance.

Male Predators

Male predators see women as prey and not highly valued treasures as they should. For a predator, having a woman pursue him makes the game of hunting easy, like a sheep that goes to the lion’s den for dinner. These men favor women that misconstrue boldness in pursuing men of their choosing as a testament of their own independence rather than actions fueled by a kinder face of desperation masking itself as confidence.

Neither of these two types of men are fit to occupy space in a woman’s life beyond the time it takes her to read the ‘handwriting on the wall’ that says, “Warning.” Many such men may be victims of circumstances that they did not cause or create, born into less than favorable situations where they were not properly equipped. A man is not responsible for what he was not taught as a boy, but neither is a woman responsible for what he never learned as a man. She is the first affected, then, the family, and ultimately, the greater community.

Every woman must know and embrace her great worth and internalize it. Treasure is sought after by men that understand the great value of that which they seek. Treasure-seekers risk life and limb in search of that which is not easily acquired or commonly found. They travel the world on quests to find these lesser valuables. The value of a woman is unmatched by anything in nature, by anything that man has constructed with his hands, or imagined in his mind.

information nigeria men, were you raised to value women?