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Photos: Samini, Episode, Rashid Metal, Others Payback Dansoman Fans With Sizzling Performance

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Dansoman residents got what they deserved! It was the DC “PayBack” Concert, a night where top musicians from the hood thrilled fans to good music and arts.

Surely the people of the Dansoman Community and surroundings will forever remember January 3rd as an unforgettable one as the whole town was brought to a halt by this concert.

Put together by YFM and Dansoman Community with the support of Kasapreko Air-Force Bitters, the “PayBack” Concert held at the Dansoman Liberty Park saw major artistes such as Samini, Episode, Sonni Balli, Rashid Metal giving the over 3,000 teeming crowd a memorable night of good music and incredible stage performances.

By 8pm, Liberty Park was already filling up as DJ Ganj warmed-up the place with both old and new tunes.

Ghana’s rep at the 2014 Big Brother Africa (BBA Hotshots), Kacey Moore opened the night with his poetry and music followed by underground artistes who gingered the crowd leading up to performances by the big stars.

Lil Shaker and Gemini kept the momentum by dropping some of their delightful tracks which got the crowd singing along with the duo who delivered amazing performances.

Good old Ex-Doe also refreshed the crowd with old popular tunes. Episode did not disappoint patrons ether, as he sang his heart out to the admiration of all with live band music.

Yearning for more, the crowd went agog chanting the name of Africa’s Dancehall King Samini. Samini popped up and everyone went “crazy” as they were happy to see the ‘Iskoki’ man on stage ready to wow them.

Together with his live band crew, Samini was on top of his game and as usual thrilled the crowd with the numerous hit songs he’s had over the past ten years. The Linda-hitmaker, Samini dropped hit song after hit song. He spent one hour on stage singing both his old songs and current ones.

His latest ‘Iskoki’ saw patrons gyrating and singing in unison as he performed. Samini also used the platform to showcase his new ‘Iskoki’ dance and that charged the crowd. The Dagaati man really knows how to move the crowd, as he made sure the audience sang along with him throughout his stage performance.

The event ended with performances from London-based Dancehall act Sonni Balli and traditional Highlife singer Nii Lantey.

Dansoman residents were given an overdose of fun, music, dance and great show of talent as there were loads of giveaways from title sponsors of the show, Kasapreko Air-Force Bitters.

According to organizers, the rationale behind the concert is to give these celebrated Ghanaian artistes from Dansoman a platform to show their appreciation to the society. The community has produced numerous Ghanaian talents including Samini, Ex-Doe, Tic Tac, Sonni Balli, Kaakie and many others.

DC became the hub of good music in Ghana with artistes originating from the community playing a vital role to project the locality through their talent exhibition on all the big event shows across the country.

The concert which was climaxed with display of fireworks, ended around 4am on Sunday with excitement on faces of patrons.

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