Minority throws in the towel in fight over fuel price reduction

The Minority in Parliament believes the only way to force a drastic reduction in fuel prices is mass public resistance because as far as they are concerned, it cannot do much except file motions in Parliament.

Speaking to Joy News, Deputy Minority leader Dominic Nitiwul has asked Ghanaians to ‘take their destiny into their own hands’ because it feels powerless in provoking a further reduction in fuel prices.

Although oil prices have dropped by about 50 percent in the last year, the National Petroleum Authority (NPA) has announced a 10% cut in fuel prices at the pump after weeks of reluctance.

With dissatisfaction clouding the’mood in the country, a pressure group, Occupy Ghana has called for a 50% reduction in fuel prices.

Hailing the call, the Minority in Parliament has asked for more of such public pressure on Government.

Led by the New Patriotic Party, the Minority has thrown in the towel in getting government to listen to what they believe is the call by a majority of Ghanaians for further reduction.

The NPP leader observed the use of parliamentary opposition has failed because ‘government will not respect any law.’

‘The worse the Minority can do is going on demonstrations and filing motions. But our law protects the strong. When the Speaker decides not to read the motion, there is nothing you can do about it’, he despaired.

Taking a back seat, the opposition leader wants Ghanaians to do more to ‘stop [a] government that wants to cheat them.’

Dominic Nitiwul said the Minority is willing to support massive demonstrations or backing any court action initiated by any citizen.

He warned of grave consequences if people continue to wait for the Minority to do something.

”If the people of Ghana do not take their destiny into their hands and fold their hands and say we cannot do anything, government will continue to sit on your head.’

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