Italian Man Carves Wooden Ferrari, ‘Drives’ It On Canals In Venice


An Italian craftsman and genius is making a splash on the “streets” of Venice with a wooden Ferrari F50 he created to float the city’s famous canals. Read more and watch him cruise the wooden Ferrari on UPI:

Livio De Marchi said he spent 5 months carving a block of pine wood into a 2,000-pound replica of a Ferrari F50 complete with logos and outfitted the final product with a Yamaha boat engine.

De Marchi said he is now the proud owner of the only car that can “drive” in Venice alongside the city’s famed gondolas and water taxis.

The craftsman said his previous aquatic car projects included wooden recreations of a 1937 Jaguar, a Volkswagen Beetle, a Mercedes and a Cinderella-inspired pumpkin carriage for his daughter to use at her wedding.