I do vulgar songs for their commercial value ‘ Timaya

Artiste, Timaya is one Nigerian artiste who is on top of his game at the moment.

Asked recently why he does songs like ‘Sanko’ and ‘Ukwu,’ Timaya told journalists in a recent interview that singing the so-called vulgar songs have made him richer.

‘I have realised that everything is evolving. People are tired of all these songs we do nowadays. I need to switch it off; take it back to the old school, because that old music brought us here. Now, it’s a lot of recycling. People don’t even sing any more, they just talk shit and I know that I talk shit too, but it should be meaningful at times.

You see all those old musicians, you see Baba Fryo, Daddy Showkey, they sang meaningful songs with lovely messages. Listen to Daddy Showkey, those were meaningful songs. But for now, you say you like ‘Bow Down,’ I gave you that for you to know that I still know what I’m doing but ‘na money comes first, na this thing dey feed me. People love those bad songs, they might just be pretending.’

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