Beautiful! Herty Borngreats’ Six (6) Children All Grown (PHOTO)

Award winning gospel singer Herty Borngreat has encouraged her fans the world over and Ghanaians in particular to be optimistic and maintain high hopes of having a successful year.

“Every New Year has its set of challenges but as individuals and as a people, we have what it takes within us to face and overcome these challenges.

And as we overcome these challenges, we stretch ourselves and discover some hidden strengths within us. I am optimistic that we have faced and overcome worst times in the past and nothing can scare us anymore. What is left is for us to believe we would achieve our respective dreams in 2015 and start towork towards that belief with the entire right attitude. We won’t fail in 2015; it is not a year of failure,” Herty Borngreat noted in an interview at the start of the year.

She continued: “I must admit that the reports all around us and news from the media are not ones that bring joy and have the potential of putting fear into us and shaking our hopes and expectations for 2015. Many at times, our fears even never happen but only remain in our minds and keep us from taking new opportunities. But when we look a bit deeper inside of us we would realise there are still success stories we achieved in the last year and things worth celebrating and thanking God for. This positive and proactive attitude is what would keep us going.

“I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year; and on behalf of my team and family, I pray that 2015 would be more successful and fulfilling to you according to your definition of success,” Borngreat added.

Herty, mother of six and wife of a Christian pastor, has meanwhile released new photos that show her in a pose with her children and some of her awards.