BBA: When I heard IK mention Idris name as winner, I thought he was joking – Tayo

Nigeria’s representative at the just ended Big Brother Africa (Hotshots), Tayo Faniran says he was shocked and thought the show’s host, IK Osakioduwa was pulling a fast one on him when he heard his fellow competitor, Idris announced as the winner of the reality show.

“You see, when we were all in school, we all knew who the best students in the class were, and when someone who was the best student scored 70, we would say, haba, this person should score like 90.’ Idris himself knows I won, but he only got the money. When we got on stage and were shown the highlights, I saw myself and I was laughing.

‘In fact, everybody was entertained. The way people cheered when they heard my name assured me that I was winning already, so when Idris’s name was mentioned, I was shocked. For a while, I thought IK, the show’s host, was joking with me,” he told the Nation.

Asked if he feels cheated, Tayo said yes.
“Well, yes. But I don’t feel it anymore because people are not allowing me to feel it. It got to a point that the show became regional. Getting on the internet, a lady had commented on a Facebook page commending Lilian’s picture, but she added that she would never vote for West Africa again, so it wasn’t against Nigeria, it was against West Africa. While in the house, Ella of Uganda and Franklin from Rwanda used to plead to East Africa to vote for them, and they would tell me to forget the game, since West Africa has won before, so I started fighting against it.

‘I started campaigning during my diary sessions with Big Brother, telling people to vote for facts and not region. I said this at a press conference in South Africa that when we are abroad, we say we are all Africans, but when we are in Africa, we start to say we are East Africans or Southern Africans; we should all be united. It means people are not loyal to the game, they were just voting for their citizens and not for who entertained them the most,” he said.

Tayo says acting and being a television personality is now his dream.

“Television has always been my home. I will love to stay around and still be able to entertain people, Africa and the world. I would say I am an element of entertainment and I want to give the best of my ability to the world. I will like to thank every Nigerian that has supported me and shown me love, I really appreciate it,” he said.

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