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9 Incredible Beauty Use For Coconut Oil

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Not only is coconut oil immensely healthy in the kitchen, it is also has incredible beauty uses. It can reduce the signs of aging, moisten skin, and help prevent frizzed hair. Some of the most beneficial beauty practices involving coconut oil are outlined below.

1- Apply coconut oil to your hair while in the shower.

Since coconut oil is solid at room temperature, you will want to run the jar under warm water a few minutes to liquify it. After you have already washed your hair with shampoo, coat strands of your hair with coconut oil. Then put your hair up into a bun and let it set for five minutes or more. Finally, rinse the residue off of your hair. The result will be moister, shinier hair.

2- Apply coconut oil to the ends of your hairs throughout the day to fight frizzed ends.

If your hair is coarse, you may need to apply the oil half way up.

3- Use coconut as a body oil.

Just a palm full will do the trick right after getting out of the shower. The oil will soak into your skin better while your skin is still warm from the shower water. The result will be moist skin and a lingering, tropical aroma.

4- Use coconut oil as lip balm.

The super-hydrating power of coconut will work far better than ordinary chap stick.

5- Spread it on your finger and toe nails.

This will both hydrate and strengthen your cuticles, helping to eliminate annoying hang nails.

6- Use as an eye cream.

Coconut oil is a cheaper and more natural way to deal with bags under your eyes. It can soothe the soft skin below your eyes and get rid of those dark circles.

7- Coconut oil removes make up effectively.

It is fast and easy to remove all kinds of make up by simply smoothing coconut oil over the skin. Rub gently, and then rinse with a little water.

8- Use it as skin scrub.

Odd, but if you mix coconut oil with salt or sugar, it makes an excellent substance to scrub skin with. Dead skin can be scrubbed away and dried skin revitalized.

9- Use it as a back-up shaving cream.

If you run out of shaving cream, you can use this oil to shave your legs with. It works great, but make sure your hands are dry when you move the razor. Coconut oil on the hands could make you slip and cut yourself, but otherwise, it is completely safe. The razor will glide smoothly over your skin.

It is often surprising to discover the many alternate uses of a familiar product. Coconut oil may already be available in your kitchen due to its superior health value as a cooking and baking oil. It is certainly readily available at a grocery store nearby. You may not have been aware of its many beauty uses. These uses, however, are both practical and highly beneficial.

source: blogs.naturalnews.com

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