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5 Fears That Can Ruin Your Marriage

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bored-man-in-bed-660x400Here are five common fears that can begin to ruin your marriage if you aren’t able to get to a place where you can conquer them. Fears are a normal part of the human experience, but that doesn’t mean we are meant to just accept them and live unfulfilled lives. Fears are placed in our lives so we can develop our mental, emotional, and spiritually muscles. Fears are there so we can learn how strong we really are by getting them out of the way.

Fear of Failing as a Parent. Parental failure is a very real fear and some people let it consume them so much that it starts to impact their marriage. When you live in a constant state of fear about what you are doing wrong as a parent, or what might happen to your kids, you are unable to live in a healthy space and even find the energy to dedicate to yourself or your marriage.

Fear of Being Deceived. If your partner has never given you reason to mistrust them, you can’t spend your marriage just waiting for things to go wrong. Maybe your fear stems from past experiences, but you have to give the person you love today the benefit of the doubt and find a way to trust again.

Fear of Never Reaching Your Goals. You have the power to identify what your dreams are and determine what goals you need to establish and reach in order to make your dreams become a reality. When you have dreams and you let fear prevent you from pursuing them, you always feel unfulfilled on some level and that can damage your marriage.

Fear of Your Marriage Failing. You attract what you expect. If you keep fearing the worse, it will become your reality. If you are dealing with marital challenges, seek help, but don’t just walk through life scared that your marriage may fall apart one day.

Fear of Regretting Your Decisions. Fear can paralyze us, but we have to push through and make decisions with confidence. You may get things wrong sometimes, and that is okay. But if you never make a major decision because you think it will be wrong, you begin to damage your self-confidence and without confidence, you marriage can suffer.


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