13 Things EVERY Independent Woman Must Know To Find Love

chivalry_0If you’re a strong and independent woman, you can have love in your life without losing yourself as long as you know and understand the following things:

1) Attracting a strong man doesn’t mean dumbing yourself down, because the right man will not be scared away by your brain.

2) Ditching your list doesn’t mean lowering your standards. The most important characteristics in a man can’t be found in a minimum height or salary.

3) Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’re weak. It just means you’re open and honest with your heart.

4) Being confident in who you are will allow him the space to be who he is; a provider and a protector.

5) Letting him hold the door for you is not a sign that you are lesser than, it’s a sign of respect.

6) You don’t need him, but you want him and you’re not afraid to tell him.

7) Having your own money doesn’t mean you can’t receive when he wants to give.

8) Allowing him to take responsibility for you doesn’t mean you are not responsible for yourself.

9) Being an equal doesn’t mean tearing him down.

10) Accepting love into your life doesn’t take away from who you are.

11) Wanting to spend time with someone doesn’t make you dependent.

12) Supporting his career doesn’t make your career any less important.

13) You don’t have to abandon your feminist ideals to be a lady.