Report on SUNSETFUND students support projects to the Founder and the Muslim Ummah

Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu Educational Fund SUNSETFUND has committed ghc80, 000 to support the needy students support scheme. The amount is to be used in paying school fees for needy but brilliant students in Muslim communities beginning from this year. The amount was realized after SUNSETFUND undertook a joint project with MTN during which some schools were built and others renovated in some deprived parts of the country by the MTN.

Currently SUNSETFUND serves as guarantor of many Muslim students from Zongo and northern parts of the country to access loans from the Students Loans Scheme to offer various courses at the country’s tertiary institutions. So far the fund has supported more than 900 students in our universities to study and pay the loans back gradually when they gain employment after completing their studies.

SUNSETFUND has just received shoes, books and computers worth 100,000 ghc for distribution to needy students in schools in the Muslim areas in Ghana. Apart from organizations that fall under the National Chief Imam parts of the items donated by the Islamic micro finance company would go to almost all the Muslim sects such as ahlulsunna and others

SUNSET FUND has also donated large number of books on various subject to most of the country’s universities. The books were donations from some educational institutions and individuals in the United Kingdom

SUNSET FUND is currently engaged in an effort to build schools with the help of Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services ICODEHS in parts of Accra for the benefit of the school going children in those communities

TEN SHS Students to Benefit from Sunsetfund


An educational fund established by the National Chief Imam in Ghana is preparing to support needy but brilliant students to go through their Senior Secondary School programs. The scheme to be implemented by Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu Education Fund (SUNSETFUND) will begin in the next academic year in September with ten students to be selected on the basis of their financial stand and good performance at the Junior Secondary School final examination. The beneficiaries will be provided with school fees paid directly to their schools and pocket monies given to enable them to go to school regularly for the entire duration of three years. According to the general secretary of the fund Alhaji Khuzaima Osman the scholarship program is being unveiled in accordance with the core objective of SUNSETFUND which was established by Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu National Chief Imam of Ghana a few years ago to support needy but brilliant students.

Since its establishment, SUNSETFUND, headed by Sheikh Ibrahim Mustapha chairman of Islamic council for development and humanitarian services (ICODEHS), has been engaging in activities in the areas of education for the less privileged in all parts of the country.

• Through the endorsement of SUNSETFUND, more than 500 students have obtained loans from The Students Loans Trust Fund of Ghana to pursue their studies in Ghana’s tertiary institutions. There is a long list of students from all parts of the country waiting to gain endorsement from the fund under the loans scheme.

• The leading telecom company MTN has worked through SUNSETFUND to renovate and build schools in less privileged communities in the northern and other parts of Ghana. The collaborative work by the fund with other telecom companies like Tigo has also led to the fund being able to settle its utility bills and incidental expenses.

• One important achievement of the fund is the donation of books worth thousands of pounds from the sciences to humanities, accountancy and managements to tertiary institutions like University of Ghana, University of Professional Studies, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to mention but a few.

• The National Chief Imam on his own has been supporting students of all levels of educational ladder in Ghana who call on him for help.

The SUNSET FUND would provide detailed report of its activities in due course

In March 2009, the National Chief Imam, Dr. Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu launched the ‘Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu Education Trust Fund’ (SUNSETFund) in Accra. This educational Fund was setup to complement the effort of the government and parents in improving the literacy rate of the future leaders especially the less privileged. Dr. Sheikh Sharubutu said he could not have climaxed his vision of producing highly educated world class youth, visionary leaders, and entrepreneurs for the 21st century better than setting up an educational trust fund to support the deprived, marginalized communities and the homeless.

SUNSETFUND intends to improve the level of educational standard in deprived and marginalized communities in Ghana, provide financial assistance to the needy youth in Ghana for credible courses of study within the limit of resources available to the trust fund, help establish educational institutions/facilities in deprived and marginalized communities, provide free counseling to students and unemployed youth on education and employment and provide assistance to remedial student who cannot afford remedial tuition.

Long before his appointment as the substantive National Chief Imam, Dr. Sheikh Sharubutu the founder of SUNSETFUND has unilaterally sponsored the education of hundreds of children who cherished formal education but cannot afford it, because he has always believe that investing in education is the greatest asset and investment one can make to help his country. This insatiable desire led to the establishment of seven educational institutions marginalized communities such as Sukura, Fadama, Darkuman, Kwashieman, etc, in Greater Accra. He has also established ten more educational institutions in other regions and presently financing a multi-million dollar educational complex at Kasoa, in Central Region. Having single handedly come this far, now is the time to get on aboard and help improve educational level in those marginalized communities

Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai .Member, sunsetfund Board and
Executive Director
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