Stella Damasus Speaks Against Female Brutality


Stella Damasus might have gradually been erased from our minds as a gifted actress, but she has always stood out as a voice for the everyday woman.

Now, Stella is fighting against domestic violence, she said she’s tired of people saying it’s okay for a woman’s husband to hit her.

Stella released a statement concerning the issue, she wrote: –

“We are sick and tired of people telling us, it’s okay for your husband to hit you just because he paid your bride price. We are sick and tired of the ignorance surrounding domestic violence in Africa. We are sick and tired of the law enforcement agencies in Africa, telling us that it’s a domestic affair and should be resolved at home. We are sick and tired of mothers telling their daughters that it’s okay to be beaten by their husbands because they went through the same thing. Domestic violence is not a peculiar problem, it is universal. It has taken too many lives and it must stop. #NoMore domestic violence, #Nomore s*xual assault, #Nomore silence. @nomoreorg @sayno_unite @unwomenla @unitednations @unwomen @worldbank”