Seek Societal Integration to Building Your Future – Church of Christ Deaf Ministry Advices Deaf

Dr Paulina Ampomaa (Queen mother of Afutuakwa Traditional area)

Dr Paulina Ampomaa (Queen mother of Afutuakwa Traditional area)

“Don’t create your own world, stop isolating yourselves from the society; and integrate with the people.” This is how Dr. Samuel Kweku Hayford, the Head of Department of Special Education, University Of Education Winneba addressed the participants of this years’ annual Churches of Christ Deaf Bible Camp held in Assin Fosu in the Central region.

He stressed that though the Deaf have their own language, which is “sign language” but aside it they should also learn how to read and write to acquaint them with the happenings in society. According to him the 2010 population census of Ghana shows that 211,712 are deaf, which to him needs societal attention and clear policy that can address their socio-economical needs. The society cannot survive if we neglect them.

A marriage counsellor of Church of Christ, Evangelist George Ansah educated the Deaf how to prepare well before marriage and responsibilities in marriage.

The five- day Deaf Bible Camp also saw the Queen mother of Afutuakwa Traditional area Nana Hemaa Dr. Ampofowaa II, who is also known in her private life as Dr. Paulina Ampomaa of University of Cape Coast (UCC) overwhelmed as she witnessed the deaf signing and praising God. “I can’t express how I feel about your devotion and appreciations to God”. She advised the deaf not to allow their hearing quandary as justification to be idles but they should be serious in whatever they are doing in life. “The students among you should be serious with your books as well as the apprentices for your own future.” I will be happy to see those in JHS, SHS, Polytechnics and the universities as doctor, teachers, nurses, engineers, pilots, lawyers, preachers etc. in the near future. She urged them to refrain from negative behaviours like drugs, truancy, sexual abuse, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy.

She advised them to be thankful to God for their lives because some were killed by their parents when they were born due to their physical setbacks. “If we are alive today, then it is by God’s grace, so let us appreciate it.”

The Deaf were again exhorted on the need to show true LOVE for one another by Evangelist Samuel Graves-Sampson. “Without showing true love, selfishness will take control in our lives, just like what we’re seeing in the country now.”

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