Comedy is the easiest mode of communication for me Khemikal

Born Daniel Selase, Comedian Khemikal has indicated that he finds comedy as one of the strongest mode of communication, hence “Communicating with people in the comic form has been always been a passion.”

“It is the flexible way I communicate my thoughts and sentiments to others in order for them to easily relate, learn, and utilize the information that I share with them,” he added.

According to him, “I love making people happy, it takes them out of their worries and anytime I make someone laugh or make someone happy, I feel happy myself.”

Gaining his inspiration from personal experiences as well as the experiences of others, “the fact that people applaud me for my works anytime I’m done performing is also something that uplifts my urge to make people laugh their hearts outs.”

He added that he is also inspired by watching other stand-up comedians and satirists perform including great comics enthuse like KSM, DKB, and Foster, “I love what they do and the fact that they love what they are doing; it overwhelms my desire to look up to them the more.”

He mentioned other role models like South African comic, Trevor Noah; Eddie Griffin and Dave Chappelle in the United States of America and the lates, Richard Pryor and George Carlin.

Outlining his ‘2015 To-Achieve’ list, Khemikal said, “4-years down the comedy lane, I am working on becoming a satirist and a social commentator where I can use my humor to point out and address issues that needs to be taken serious in the society.”

“There are a lot of problems that needs to be addressed but it appear no one wants to care, but this year, I will step up my game to do that. I want to see myself as one of the influential and biggest stand up comedians in Ghana and Africa before the year ends,” he affirmed.

With his style of blending comic-chemicals, Khemikal has performed on such platforms as ‘Corporate Comedy Series’ by David Oscar; ‘DKB Live Tour’; ‘Comedy Fiesta’ by Foster; ‘Comedy Bar’ and recently, ‘KSM at 58’.

He has as well various Television appearances like ‘The One Show’ and ‘Boys Boys’ both on Viasat 1 and ‘The KSM Show’.

Watch Khemikal perform on ‘Corporate Comedy Series’:

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