You Have A Snake Crawling UpYour Legs – Pastor Tells Super O.D

Veteran Ghanaian actor Asonaba Kweku Darko, more commonly known by his showbiz name Super OD, has asked Ghanaians to stop wishing him dead before his time.

“I need to make this clear. I am not dead. Please go and tell everyone super OD is still alive,” he stated.

The Osofo Dadzi television series star who was speaking to a room filled with movie enthusiasts, actors, producers and directors at Tuesday’s Ghana Movie Awards Ceremony said it is a disheartening experience for him anytime he heard rumours and assumptions of his death in the news and on the lips of people.

“The last time someone saw me and said with shock written all over him – ‘Oh OD, we thought you were dead’. How could you be walking and thinking someone is dead?” he asked in the Fante dialect.

“As for Ghanaians, that is how you are. Just know that I am not dead. I live in Swedru [Eastern region]. I am only battling old-age,” he said sarcastically.

The actor also revealed some pastors have also tried to take advantage of his old-age to trick him into giving them money as he depends on them for spiritual favours.

“A pastor tried to make me believe I have a snake crawling up my legs. In my left leg, he said. And he offered to help deliver me from that devil if I gave him GH¢200.00. Then I realised he was a thief and nothing is wrong with me. When you grow old, people come up with all kinds of things about you. If you are not devil possessed today, you are dead tomorrow. They fail to realise it is just old age,” he noted.

Super OD, who is now over 70 years old, has been one of the most hilarious characters in Ghanaian movies in his hey days.

He also featured in a weekly sitcom dubbed the Osofo Dadzi television series which used to run on Ghana Television on Sunday evenings.