KKD saga: Report only court proceedings — Lawyer counsels media

A criminal law lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) has called on the media to report only court proceedings of the KKD alleged rape scandal.

Isidore Tuffuor told Joy News that so far, media trial of the case that broke on December 28, 2014  is prejudicial and may affect justice delivery on the matter.

Kwasi Kyei Darkwah (KKD) is in police custody after being charged with raping a 19-year-old at the African Regency Hotel.

Mr Tuffuor’s comments come in the wake of leakage CCTV security footage at the African Regency Hotel showing KKD and the alleged victim at the lobby of the hotel before the alleged rape incident.

“It is so unfortunate that we have the footage out there. It shouldn’t have been so. The matter is actually in court right now. The accused has been charged so we have to be circumspect with the way we go about the matter”, he admonished.

Authorities are yet to authenticate the validity of the footage but it shows KKD and the alleged victim before and after they entered the suite in which the rape allegedly occurred.

Earlier, the charge sheet detailing the facts of the case, which is currently before the Kaneshie District Magistrate’s Court was also leaked and circulated on social media. The leakage of the charge revealed the identity of the 19-year-old alleging she was raped — something the police had tried hard to prevent.

Mr Tuffuor says the media was stretching the matter too far.

He said the media must “allow the court and the parties in the matter before the court to deal with the matter, not dig into the matter.”

According to him the CCTV footage could have been admissible in court but with its leakage, the court is not likely to consider it.

Listen to Mr Tuffuor on the attached audio.

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