Gov’t assures of quick containment of ebola in case of outbreak

Government has assured that the deadly Ebola virus would be quickly contained in the event of an outbreak out in the country.

Deputy Health Minister Dr Victor Bampoe said Government is satisfied with preparatory measures put in place to deal with the disease.

There have been concerns about the possibility of the disease spreading from Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. Over 7000 people have died from Ebola and the three countries  are struggling to contain it.

But speaking on the Super Morning Show on Friday, Dr Bampoe said Government is confident of containing a possible outbreak in Ghana because of measures such as public education and screening, as well as training of frontline staff.

He said there are about 45 Ghanaian health workers in Sierra Leone or Liberia assisting those countries, “which means we have a cadre of people who have the requisite training, so if something were to happen to Ghana, we have people who can manage the cases now”.

His reaction follows a Joy News report that a makeshift structure to quarantine Ebola infected persons in the event of an outbreak has been overrun by weeds at Wa in the Upper West region .

The situation caused residents of Wa, the regional capital, to doubt the region’s preparedness to fight the deadly disease should an outbreak occur.

For instance, the two beds that make up the content of the isolated tent have been covered entirely by dust, cobwebs and faecal matter of lizards — a sign the place has not been swept since it was put up.

But Dr. Victor Bampoe assured that a new centre was being constructed.

“I think that is an unfortunate picture…they don’t use that facility anymore, they have the fevers unit which has been designated as the Ebola centre, they are actually putting up a new one.”

Listen to Dr. Bampoe below

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