Woman murders boy, 3, over grudge with mother

Police at Nkawie in the Ashanti Region have arrested a twenty-one year old woman for allegedly abducting and killing a three-year old boy over a grudge with the victim’s parents.

Talaata Baana is said to have carried out the crime to punish the mother of three-year old Enoch. 

She is alleged to have snatched the boy from his home at Suame, where he had been under the supervision of his mother, and taken him to Toase, where she forced him to drink a poisonous substance and abandoned him to die in a bush.

Father of the boy, Bambilla Nkosum told JoyNews that Talaata initially denied the whereabouts of Enoch when she was arrested by police, despite witness accounts indicating she had been seen with him.

However, she eventually confessed to kidnapping the boy and went with police to reveal the location of his body.

Nkawie Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Isaac Buah, confirmed the incident and said that Talaata is being processed for court next week.

He revealed that Talaata had confessed to killing the boy over a grudge with his mother, whom, according to her, had accused her [Talaata] falsely of stealing Bambilla’s money.

The suspect, he said, blamed the boy’s mother’s alleged incessant public ridicule for the destruction of her marriage.

According to him, the kidnapping and murder of the boy was to “punish” his mother.

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