We are tired of corruption and stealing – Rev. Campbell

The Parish Priest of the Christ the King Catholic Church, Reverend Father Andrew Campbell today added his voice to frantic calls on Ghanaians to, beginning the year 2015, vigorously fight corruption in the country.

The mild-mannered priest spoke with Joy FM’s Kuuku Abban after delivering a message to usher in the new year at the Church’s premises on Thursday dawn.

Rev. Campbell called on Ghanaians to tackle corruption in the Nation, stressing his disappointment at the spate of corruption and other challenges that plagued the country throughout last year and described them as “discouraging”.

Every day we open the newspapers, he said, we see corruption here, stealing here, cheating here.

He was adamant that Ghanaians are “tired of this” and that it is high time corruption was properly dealt with.

According to him, Ghanaians need to possess clean hearts and minds in order to move the country forward in the New Year, as “a man with a clean mind and a clean heart will climb the mountain of God”.

If our hands are clean and our minds are clean, he said, “God will be pleased with us”.

With the bountiful resources God has blessed Ghana with, he opined, we should not need to go begging.

“God has blessed Ghana and there is no need to be a third world country”, he concluded.

The year 2014 was certainly a roller coaster of a year with the freefall of the cedi and several scandals hitting the nation. Revelations of corruption in SADA, GYEEDA National Service Secretariat among others, as well as utility and fuel hikes, and months-long power rationing raised the ire of Ghanaians within and without the country. 

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