Stop the ‘kettle and pot’ insults – Moderator

The Moderator of the Global Evangelical Church, the Right Reverend Dr. Edem Tettey, has asked politicians to stop the blame game and insults and address the root of the corruption cancer, which threatens to destroy the nation.

He also urged Ghanaians to make the cry against corruption louder and more persistent in order to make culprits in both private and public institutions to feel guilty and restless.

In a New Year’s message,  Dr Tettey called for a critical examination of systems, which breed corruption and urged  Ghanaians to be bold to confront them, for instance, individuals’ funding of political parties with the expectation to reap ‘good harvest’ when their parties wins elections.

He stated, “We must be bold to engage the weaknesses in the multi-party democracy we have chosen to pursue. No single political party’s manifesto can make Ghana a great and prosperous nation.”

Rev. Dr Tettey appealed to all political parties to come together in 2015, draw up and append their signatures to a National Manifesto or a credible national strategic plan for the party called ‘Ghana’, which they could pursue at anytime they assumed power.

“We need peace for development in Ghana and so we must pursue things that will make our nation more peaceful,” he emphasised.

He said while 2014 would go down the memory lane as one of the very difficult years experienced in the country, Ghanaians must also be quick to acknowledge God’s mercies and grace during the turbulent times.

“We must be most grateful that God has spared us from the dreaded Ebola menace, which has set the clock of progress back in some neighbouring West African States,” Rev Dr Tettey said.

He said 2015 would be a good year if Ghanaians would carefully reflect on the past, acknowledge where, as citizens, and leaders, individually went wrong, learn from the mistakes and do what is right all the time.

He said: “We must, as a nation, be ashamed of the many vices, which have crept into our society like hard drug trafficking, which you will not hear of in times past. Let us double our efforts in 2015 to get rid of such vices, which have tarnished our image internationally.

He said the great and prosperous nation that Ghanaians dreamed of was not far from realization, explaining, ‘We can move our nation to stand tall with emerging developing nations and economies in 2015.’

“It is attainable through each of us resolving to do the right thing and to stand for what is true in all things and at all the times,” he said. “We must also intentionally break the ‘political party lens’ through which we see and judge everything that happens in Ghana.” 

“We in the Global Evangelical Church will continue to pray fervently for Ghana, educate our members to be proactive, and responsible citizens and as the Church engages in social interventions and holistic programmes that constitute our role in national development,” he added.

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