Nyantakyi to contenders: Bring it on!

Sports News of Thursday, 1 January 2015

Source: sportscrusader.com

Nyantakyi GFA Chair

President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA) says he is battle ready for rivals ready to contest him for the upcoming GFA presidential elections next year.

Nyantakyi is highly tipped to win the upcoming elections due to his personal relations and his track record in governing the Ghana Football for the past 9 years, but his critics say a new opponent will have to emerge to oust the incumbent for his failure to help develop the local league.

But speaking to sportscrusader.com, the FA Boss, who has declared his intentions to contest in the upcoming 2015 elections stated that he is battle ready for any opponent who will want to contest him during the elections.

“I have said that the GFA seat is not my property, I will one day leave football for others to continue.

“But for now, am still in and I think that am ready for my opponents, I don’t know when the elections will come on but I will be ready when it comes on next year,” Nyantakyi added.