Catholic bishops urge govt, public to step up fight against corruption

The Catholic Bishops Conference is asking both Government and the Ghanaian public to do more in fighting “the twin cancer of bribery and corruption” in Ghana.

In their new year message to Ghanaians the Catholic Bishops said corruption remains pervasive in the society because current interventions are inadequate to deter culprits.

They say despite institutions put in place to deal with the canker it has remained a major blot on the country’s reputation.

The bishops observe that personnel manning the institutions aimed at tackling corruption and the general public lack integrity — resulting in the breakdown of morals.

President of Gh Catholic Bishop’s Conference Most Rev. Joseph Osei-Bonsu told Joy News’ Fred Smith punishment for persons found to be corrupt must be severe.

The Catholic Bishops also observed that there is a general breakdown in morality among Ghanaians.

“Teenagers engage in premarital sex, married people engage in extramarital sex and young people taking drugs; I think we need to emphasise morality and make sure the people are doing the right thing”, said Rev Osei-Bonsu in an interview.

The bishiops have therefore advised parents to ensure that their children dress decently, do not engage in social vices including abusing illicit drugs and in pre-marital sex.

“Parents should see to it that their children grow up with the traditional values of respect for elders and authority”, said the statement.

The Catholic Bishops also said husbands and wives must remain faithful to each other and avoid extramarital relationships which only bring heartache to their spouses and ruin the marriage.

The 19-member Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference is an assembly of all bishops in the country. The purpose of the Conference is to promote the purposes of the Catholic church in Ghana.

Click here to access the full 2015 message. Story by Ghana | | George Nyavor | [email protected]

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