Cadres urge Ghanaians to forge ahead in 2015

Politics of Thursday, 1 January 2015

Source: GNA

NDC Congress Delegates

The United Cadres’ Front of the National Democratic Congress on Wednesday issued a statement signed by its General Secretary, Mr Efanam Felix Nyaku, urging Ghanaians to forge ahead in 2015.

GNA reproduces a full version of the statement:

“Members of the United Cadres’ Front of the National Democratic Congress have called on Ghanaians to put the challenges of 2014 behind them and look forward to a greater and more fulfilling 2015 and beyond.

We only have to remember the past as a guide to making our efforts at building formidable foundations to the development policies and programmes that can help us move forward as a nation.

Whilst we employ Ghanaians to offer constructive criticisms to ensure that we get value for money, we call on all citizens to move away from partisan politics which no doubt did a lot of structural damage to genuine attempts at putting the economy on a sound footing.

The soul of every economy is hard work which, of course, must be the passion of everybody. We must, therefore, consider 2015 as a year of putting all shoulders to the wheel.

We must also remember that our industries can grow to give more jobs to our teeming unemployed youth if we consciously patronize made-in-Ghana goods and services.

One area that we are much concerned is the talk against corruption which only seemed to be a matter to joke about rather than a serious virus that has eaten deep into the socio-political fabric.

There is, therefore, the need to be bold enough to expose those who corrupt the system; coupled with the much-needed political will to prosecute those who fall culpable.

As seriously as we take on the executive arm of government, 2015 should see more of the judiciary and legislature pacing up towards greater nation building; with the Media stepping up their gate-keeper role rather than using the airwaves as a platform for needless politicking.

We are highly confident and of great optimism that, Ghanaians are capable of pulling the chestnut out of the blazing fire.

We have the men and women who are well endowed with the knowledge and skills to propel our economy to greater heights.

Let 2015 be the year of hope as we all resolve to put Ghana first in all our endeavours.”