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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Mr. President, Call Sam George To Order Or Else


The desperation of the ruling National Democratic Congress government, in its attempt to unhinge itself from the tag of aiding and abetting drug couriers through the use of the VVIP lounge of the Kotoka International Airport, has seen Sam boy George unleashed to spew lies about the NPP and our presidential candidate.

The latest lie by Sam boy George has been to state that Alhaji Dawood, the man who is alleged to have aided Ruby Adu-Gyamfi aka Ruby Mahama to transport 12.5kg of cocaine through the VVIP lounge of Kotoka, is an NPP financier and is also the Business Development Manager of KELM Engineering Limited at Kanda in Accra. Sam George also stated that that KELM Engineering Limited was contracted by the erstwhile Kufuor government to construct the Flagstaff House.

These pack of lies were debunked by the management of KELM Engineering Limited, who in a rejoinder published in the Daily Graphic of 1st December, 2014, titled “Dawood no longer works with us – KELM”, revealed that the company was established in 2009, when the NDC government assumed the reins of power. If Sam boy George is suffering from amnesia, we would like to remind him that the Jubilee House, renamed Flagstaff House, was constructed when KELM had not been established.

The Graphic publication went on to reveal that “The management of KELM Engineering Ghana Limited has stated that Alhaji Mohammed Alamid Dawood has ceased to be an employee of the company since June 2014. The General Manager of KELM, Mr. Hussein Alaweih, said Alhaji Dawood …… had been engaged on a commission basis as the Business Development Manager in December 2013. However, he said Alhaji Dawood’s association with the company ended in June 2014 through an agreement between Alhaji Dawood and the management.”

The Rubygate cocaine saga has without a shadow of a doubt implicated the First family of the land and it is unsurprising to note that boy George, the boy who has a special desk at the Presidency, the boy who is being fuelled by the presidency is being encouraged and funded to embark on this slippery slope.

We are by this statement calling on the President to bring boy George to order and get him to stop lying about the NPP or the Crusaders for Change will go all out to say every nasty truth we know about President John Mahama. We have compiled a nasty, verifiable dossier on John Mahama and the only thing restraining CFC is our respect for Ghanaians. But now, we have been forced by the decision by the President to get boy George and Felix Ofosu Kwakye to lie and insult to rethink. The President wants a full-scale war, and we are assuring him that we are ready to wash his dirty linen in public.

President Mahama cannot be jumping over bonfire with cotton-wool in his buttocks and expect the Crusaders for Change to pour water on the fire, if he will be using taxpayers money to get the likes of Sam boy George to tell lies.

Mr. President, you have been duly warned.


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