Business leaders must spearhead dev’t agenda – T.D Jakes

General News of Friday, 5 December 2014


Mahama With TD Jakes

Renowned charismatic leader Bishop T.D. Jakes has challenged business leaders in Ghana to build stronger partnerships to grow their businesses.

Bishop Jakes said Ghanaian entrepreneurs must also spearhead the developmental agenda of the nation.

“One thing you must always realise is that the giraffe always eats from the tops of the trees. And if we have some giraffes in this room you have to eat on the level of your vision. If you can see higher you have to eat higher,” Bishop Jakes said at the IMPACT summit being organised by Action Chapel with support from Starr FM.

“If you have a neck long enough to reach the top of the trees don’t let anybody dump you down to eating grass off the ground. You have a purpose, the chance and opportunity and you are here for a reason to do something, stretch your neck, lift your head and cast your vision above those around you and eat on the level that you see.”

President John Mahama, who attended the summit with other high profile personalities, commended Bishop Jakes for his role in the development of global leaders. He stated that Ghana’s quest to reach full middle-income status is on course.

“Bishop Jakes you are well placed and qualified to co-author a new chapter of leadership in our shared history. You exemplify some of the core qualities of leadership; perseverance, achievements, and provision for the marginal and vulnerable among us.

“This is very true for our country which is currently in transition from lower middle income into full middle-income status. A transition that throws up a new rich entrepreneurial class, a transition one of whose features is a bustling middle class with increasing disposable incomes but also a transition one of whose features is a new class of poor and vulnerable people,” President Mahama said.