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South African Drama @ National Theatre


Lindiwe Matshikiza
Ster City, a South African group, will on Wednesday, November 5, present a burlesque show that tells nothing less than the whole history of South Africa at the National Theatre in Accra.

Written mainly during rehearsals, by confronting previous research works on the literary and geopolitical history of South Africa alongside the strong personalities of the two Johannesburg- based polyglot artists, the play is set to delight people with love for history.

Actors Lindiwe Matshikiza and Nick Welch are in their own way legitimate representations of the new underground and popular South African art scene.

They will provide the audience with their insolent, free and happy version of South African history under the ultra-contemporary influence of a country, which, today, keeps playing with the landmarks and unclear boundaries between tradition and modernity.

In exploring South African history, Lindiwe and Nick incarnate brothers, sisters, lovers, humans, animals, confessions and anti-historical truths, anecdotes, war treaties, race treaties, masters, slaves and many others.

In this unusual play, the director and actors revisit the aesthetics of chaos, hope, disaster and recovery peculiar to certain clown shows, and also make use of new technologies: portable video projectors, live webcams, close-ups on the actors and the public mixed with pictures from internet archives, live sound and music, offbeat playbacks and manual subtitling.

Institut Français (Ghana) and Alliance Française (Accra) are supporting the performance

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