Mr. Stephen Akwetey, a leading aspirant for the Greater Accra Regional Chairmanship of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has cut a sod over the weekend for the commencement of work on an office complex for the Shai Osudoku constituency of the NDC and appealed to party members to support the project.

The ultra modern office facility when completed would ensure effective and efficient mobilization and administration of the party activities in the constituency.

“In my bid to become the next Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NDC party, I promised that every constituency will have a permanent ultra modern office to ensure an effective and efficient party mobilization and administration”, Mr Akwetey disclosed.

The sod-cutting event he said marked the re-engineering of the priorities and aspirations of the NDC party loyalists and activists within the Region because they have taken a bold and visionary step to eliminate the problem of finding a conducive and secure venue for party activities at the constituency level.

Mr Akwetey said the initiative would is inspire the NDC party to venture into new grounds and establish proper business modules to help provide sustainable jobs for its teeming members.

He said the time has come to empower constituencies across the region to operate as independent self sustaining entities capable of generating incomes and revenue to support their regular programs.

He said it was extremely unacceptable that the party cannot boast of owning a permanent constituency office across the region 25 years of its existence and said that would be a thing of the past.

“We have continuously operated from rented premises and offices given to the party by well meaning loyalists. Henceforth, this regrettable phenomenon will cease to exist”, he said.

He said architectural drawings for each constituency office in the Greater Accra Regional have been completed.

Other thematic areas of his agenda include rebranding, re-organization, education, health, mobilization and empowerment.

He said the only way by which the NDC can retain power in 2016 is to tackle and solve the litany of problems which confront their people.

He advised his opponents to desist from applying cosmetics and unsustainable solutions intended to pacify their people in the short term with gifts such as flat plasma TV set and branded NDC mobile phones which are being used to hoodwink the people.

The NDC, he noted deserve a better and solid programme which will ensure that their people’s economic livelihoods are ensured, guarantee and sustained.

“We must begin to realize that the essence of political power is for positive development that will benefit the vast majority of our people. All these we need a leadership that is incorruptible, sincere, compassionate, visionary and action –oriented”, he emphasized.

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